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JT Baxter

Writer & published novelist

Déjà vu
the Odyssey


Paranormal Mystery Thriller Series


Déjà vu

It began the moment their eyes met; Travis Sage instinctively knew, he had prior knowledge of this woman.

Part one: The Journey

Cast into a mystery that few understand, our intrepid adventurer Travis Sage is forced to look beyond the lens of his camera and into the eyes of a stranger. The intimacy of their shared knowledge holds them transfixed in its grip. Who is she? Is her name Anne? How could he know that and yet, the intensity of their passion could not be denied? And so, it begins, in this paranormal, mystery thriller where you are transported over continents to a small English town by an unrecognized force. Why?

In paperback and ebook formats from your favorite online bookstore, retail store, or through the author's website 

Published: September 2022

Part one: The journey

In less than a single beat of his heart. The moment their eyes met. Travis Sage instinctively knew; he had prior knowledge of this woman. In that same instant, she gasped. Suddenly, the oxygen her body desperately needed to inhale seemed to have vanished. Her eyes searched his. His gaze rigidly fixed on hers—both questioning the possibility of what seemed impossible and yet, so familiar. The overwhelming evidence surged to the forefront of his mind. As if some telepathic memory exchange was taking place. Travis became aware that she felt it too. The intensity so powerful, the sensuality uncompromising in its quest to be recognized and acknowledged. It captivated all measures of perception and sense.

Published: December 2023

Part two: Spirit Vision

Travis should have known things were never going to be the same, too much had changed, externally and internally. The external elements were, for the most part, adaptable. People come and go; some remain within the periphery of our life circle, while others fade away. At least, that’s how he perceived it to be, and that was the problem.

It would be an understatement to say this past year had been interesting; so much had happened, changed, and altered. Too many questions were left unanswered. How much of what took place was he responsible for, and had the final toll been assessed or is there still more to come?

The journey continues in the visualizations and melodic interpretations of something so alien and yet strangely familiar.

Why have we forgotten?

Expected release date: 2024

Part three: Sound of Silence

The conclusion

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